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Grab Hire in East Grinstead | An Alternative to Skip Hire

Even small-scale muck away projects generate a surprising amount of waste. We advise our domestic customers and commercial clients in East Grinstead to consider their plans on removing material at the earliest possible stage. There are two main options available; skip hire and grab hire. Commercial clients with their own loading machinery have a third option of tipper hire, although this is certainly the lesser-used choice between the three available.


A skip is an acceptable option for household material in small volumes but muck away waste tends to be much heavier in weight. Even if a skip has the space and load-bearing capacity to accept aggregates and topsoil, some waste management companies in the East Grinstead area refuse to handle them. This is never an issue when you opt for our grab hire services.


Skips come in a variety of sizes and some of our competitors also supply roll-on/roll-off containers for large domestic and small commercial muck away jobs. Even then, some local properties won’t have the space to accommodate skips and containers in the biggest sizes. This means positioning them on the roadside and having to organise permits in advance.


Grab hire requires no space planning or permit applications because the vehicle arrives to your East Grinstead site, collects the material and leaves immediately. Skips have to stay onsite until users fill them to their potential capacity in order for them to be cost-effective. Opting for grab hire leaves customers free to accumulate muck away waste in an accessible place until such time as they need it collecting in a single, convenient and affordable visit.



Grab Hire | Smoother Muck Away Removals from MV Haulage


At MV Haulage, we understand that each and every one of our East Grinstead customers has different waste management needs. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with hiring a skip for household waste removals but for muck away work, grab hire is undoubtedly the most convenient option. The mobility of our grab hire fleet guarantees minimum disruption outside homes and sites, whereas a skip is a semi-permanent feature that stays in one place.


There’s also no labour involved because we provide a trained operator to man the vehicle and load muck away material onto its bed. The extendable arm does the hard work, not you or your own personnel. It can take days to fill a skip, but a grab hire vehicle loads waste in as little as 20 minutes. Once the bed reaches capacity, our operator is ready to leave.


If you have waste from a small DIY project in East Grinstead, skips make a good choice and we accept they play an important role in the modern waste management sector. For muck away projects, especially those with extremely heavy loads, grab hire is the simple, flexible and convenient choice. The biggest projects might require more than one vehicle. MV Haulage has a fleet of grab hire and tipper trucks big enough to meet all removal needs.


Call MV Haulage on 07759 439109. We are muck away specialists with grab hire services available in East Grinstead and all surrounding locations in the South East.