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Grab Hire in Gatwick | Land Clearance Solutions

Gatwick’s close proximity to the nearby airport sees the area under constant development. Prior to the building of new offices, hotels or extensions to the airport itself, the land surrounding the development needs clearing. We refer to land clearances as muck away projects, and the scale of work in Gatwick nearly always makes grab hire a more beneficial service in comparison to skip hire. MV Haulage has a fleet of grab and tipper hire trucks.


Skips and their larger alternatives, referred to as roll-on/roll-off containers, accommodate small to medium-sized volumes of permitted general waste. Unfortunately, they don’t have the strength or the capacity to handle aggregates and topsoil, which weigh much more.

The best solution for muck away waste is a grab hire truck, and MV Haulage is a leading service provider for Gatwick, the surrounding West Sussex area and the South East.


A grab hire truck works as it sounds. It uses a bucket attached to the end of an extendable hydraulic arm, with a potential reach of approximately 6m, to “grab” material and load it onto the main body of the vehicle. The drivers we dispatch to sites in Gatwick operate the extendable arm from the cab or the side of the truck. The driver fills the truck to a set weight capacity and brings the muck away waste back to our own facilities in Copthorne.


Here, muck away materials undergo screening and processing. We turn more than 90% of collected muck away waste into secondary aggregates which we then supply to builders and landscapers in or around Gatwick by delivering in bags using our grab hire trucks. Ethical recycling of muck away waste reduces the amount of material we send to landfill sites.


Grab trucks differ in size and in the operating mechanisms they use to collect material. Some feature radio-controlled systems, others use clamshell grabs and many have orange peel grabs. We’re here to advise you on the best type of grab hire set-up for your project.


Having multiple skips or containers at a site in Gatwick minimises the amount of workspace for your personnel. They are semi-permanent features and stay onsite for as long as it takes to fill them. We see grab hire as a temporary measure that delivers permanent results. The truck arrives, collects the waste and then leaves, leaving your site totally clear of material.


Grab hire requires minimal effort to clear large volumes of waste and, because the 6m extendable arm does the hard work, you never need to assign personnel to load material into skips when they could and should be busy doing more important things. A grab hire truck clears waste sooner, primes your Gatwick site for future development, helps projects to stay on schedule and causes as little disruption as possible to the working day.


Our trucks collect waste left behind fences and barriers as long as the material is within the range of the 6m extendable arm. Once more, this frees up the time of your own personnel.


Some skip hire operators refuse to accept muck away waste and even some grab hire companies differentiate between inert and non-inert land material. Our customers in Gatwick and the surrounding Surrey, Sussex and South East areas never have to worry about permitted and non-permitted aggregates. Whenever they need large volumes of muck away waste removed, MV Haulage promises to assist them with a universal grab hire service.


Call MV Haulage on 07759 439109. We are muck away specialists with grab hire services available in Gatwick, West Sussex and all surrounding locations in the South East.