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Grab Hire Services Covering East Grinstead

MV Haulage provide a wide range of grab hire services in East Grinstead and the surrounding local area. This includes undertaking muck away work for domestic and commercial customers. Waste derived from muck away projects is used in our capacity as topsoil suppliers and aggregate suppliers for the East Grinstead area.


Whilst taking care of our day-to-day running of our depot and vehicle fleet, we decided to look into other ways of using our grab hire skills for the benefits of clients in the nearby East Grinstead area. In doing so, we found 5 unusual ways that a grab hire lorry can been used.


Different Uses for Grab Hire Trucks


In August 2015, a criminal gang drove a getaway vehicle straight into a grab hire lorry near East Grinstead. A raid on a ‘Cash and Carry’ saw the thieves escape with £3,000 worth of cigarettes but they we’re hampered by the grab hire truck blocking the path of a country road. The driver was unharmed, all of the criminals were arrested and, much like the stolen cigarettes, their liberty went up in smoke!


The BBC programme, ‘Britain’s Biggest Hoarders’, used a grab hire lorry to remove some of the biggest piles of junk ever seen on a TV screen. The programme highlighted how some people have psychological problems in letting their hoard of useless items go. If you have a need to rid yourself of unwanted garbage at your East Grinstead home, call us now. You won’t have to embarrass yourself on TV either!


Grab hire trucks have been used for many things over the years, especially by us in our capacity as aggregate suppliers and topsoil suppliers for East Grinstead, Sussex and Surrey. Recently, a grab hire truck was used to rescue a cat out of a tree. A desperate cat owner saw her beloved moggy Jacob stuck in the tree and asked her neighbour, who had use of a grab hire lorry, to help.


The driver lifted the loader level with the cat and encouraged it to hop in. Jacob was returned to his owner and the grab hire driver went back to his tea.


Most people wouldn’t automatically put grab hire and TV show host Alan Titchmarsh together but to be fair to Alan, he has always said that using a grab hire lorry is a great way for muck away and garden waste to be collected. What we didn’t expect was to see Alan on TV getting into a grab hire lorry and pick the waste up himself! Hope you passed your HSE exam, Alan, and feel free to call us if you’re ever looking for work!


As aggregate suppliers and topsoil suppliers, we’ve always felt that grab hire works best when collecting large amounts of rubble from commercial construction sites. We recently heard about a competitor who covers East Grinstead picking up a huge load of out-of-date crisps. Proof, if ever you needed it, that grab hire trucks provide the correct flavour even when the goods being collected have lost their own!


Call us now on 07759 439109 for muck away and grab hire services. We will collect anything, and everything, anywhere in East Grinstead and the surrounding areas.


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