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A big part of why muck away companies like our own are so in demand throughout Horsham and its surrounds, is the fact we know how to safely clear a site once work has completed; the health and safety side of things is what we’ve looked to discuss on this particular page, as it’s also an important aspect of tipper hire and even the work we carry out as Horsham’s favoured local aggregate suppliers and tipper suppliers.

Much of our website discusses MV Haulage’s commitment to responsibility, but with a focus upon the environmental side of things… so without further adieu, let’s consider that other essential part of being a responsible company that’s worthy of your custom. If you’ve accidentally stumbled across this page and are more interested in requesting muck away, tipper hire, or a delivery of the products sold by our aggregate suppliers and topsoil suppliers, pick up the phone and call 07759 439 109.

Workplace Safety – How We Can Help

Keeping a Clear Site – Many avoidable accidents that happen on sites in Gatwick and across the wider South East, happen due to a cluttered working environment; trips, things falling off of scaffolds onto those below, and other hazards occur all the time. Our team can help you by providing timely muck away, leaving you with a clear and safe site to work on. When providing tipper hire or serving as aggregate suppliers or topsoil suppliers, we’re also sure to deliver vehicles and products to areas that won’t get in the way of those actively working.

Using the Proper Protective Equipment – Working on a construction site isn’t just dangerous because of potential clutter; some accidents simply happen due to failures in communication, technical issues, or human error. That’s why it’s essential to wear the Proper Protective Equipment relevant to the site and the tasks being conducted on it. As muck away specialists, we’re trained to identify the unique hazards presented by any particular site – for example, handling sharp objects like broken glass. So our muck away team wear the appropriate equipment, such as hard hats, high vis jackets, safety gloves, goggles and if needs be, masks that catch harmful air-born pollutants.

Careful Handling& Sorting of Waste – There are many types of harmful waste that need to be carefully handledand disposed of appropriately. Whereas skip hire companies do not allow for these waste materials to be disposed of via their services, as muck away veterans we have a duty of dealing with even the most challenging waste types. We’ll ensure that the waste is transported, sorted and processed safely, and that it won’t contaminate a landfill.

If you’re based in Horsham or a nearby area and in need of muck away, tipper hire, or the products we sell as aggregate suppliers and topsoil suppliers, call us now on 07759 439 109!