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MV Haulage proudly serves as both Epsom and the wider South East’s favoured provider of muck away and tipper hire; we also recycle waste to create the quality products we sell as aggregate suppliers and topsoil suppliers. On this page, we’ve looked to answer a handful of frequently posed questions from Epsom clients, with the aim of providing further information about our company and how can help you.

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Epsom Clients’ Muck Away & Tipper Hire Questions, Answered

What is “muck away”?

It’s a method of waste disposal used by individuals, tradesmen and businesses, which sees a fleet of tipper hire vehicles quickly gather up and take away the often substantial amounts of inert waste generated during construction projects of all types.

What are the kinds of projects you most typically provide muck away for?

A typical day serving clients in Epsom and its surrounds will see us attend: demolitions, commercial and industrial developments, home extensions, office refurbishments and new builds – although these are just a few examples! We pride ourselves on our versatility, and ability to tailor muck away and tipper hire to the individual client and their needs.

Why do clients invest in tipper hire?

The main reason is its cost efficiency. To outright purchase, maintain, store and operate a tipper vehicle can prove extremely expensive; if you’re not making constant use of it, you’re most likely throwing away money that could have been saved via our tipper hire service.

What happens to the waste you collect via muck away and tipper hire?

It’s taken to our waste management facility where it is carefully sorted and separated out. We look to recycle as much as possible, creating stores of aggregate/topsoil which we then make available to clients in Epsom and nearby locales as trusted aggregate suppliers and topsoil suppliers!

Why choose MV Haulage as aggregate suppliers and topsoil suppliers, over builders’ yards?

Firstly, as our products are recycled, we can offer them at far more affordable prices; for the same reason, environmentally conscious clients often choose us as they know they’re helping minimise the waste that heads to landfills around Epsom as a result of muck away jobs etc. Finally, our service is ultra-fast and reliable – we always have large quantities of graded aggregates and topsoil available, so that you’re not left waiting and needing to delay a project.

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