Shaping your outdoor space via land reclamation & land engineering in Crawley, Surrey & Sussex | MV Haulage

MV Haulage provides the Surrey and Sussex areas with a full land engineering service, including land restoration to recover long-neglected and currently unusable spaces. We work with domestic, commercial and industrial clients in many locales – including our hometown of Crawley, Brighton, East Grinstead, Epsom, Gatwick, Horsham and Reigate – to tailor land to an end use, examples of which we have listed further down this page.

Our team, highly trained in the operation of heavy plant, work to carefully drawn up plans that we develop alongside the client. These plans are complimented by detailed risk assessments that ensure all work will adhere to relevant legislation, both national and local, and stipulations included in any planning permission you’ve secured from the authorities.

Excelling in the area of project management, we ensure that land engineering and land restoration is completed within a designated timeframe and budget, so subsequent phases of a development can continue without delay or disruption.

Land engineering projects we take on

Agricultural – Developing land in and around the Crawley, Brighton, East Grinstead, Epsom, Gatwick, Horsham and Reigate areas for agricultural usage may mean incorporating dirty water and silage storage solutions, hard standings, chalk tracks, barn bases and flood defences. Land restoration can also help deliver a wider expanse of arable land, should areas currently be flooded or otherwise inaccessible.

Country Estates – Owners of country estates positioned around Crawley, Brighton, East Grinstead, Epsom, Gatwick, Horsham and Reigate can re-imagine and re-purpose their grounds via our land engineering and land restoration services. We can add water features such as lakes, and incorporate screening bunds or flood defences to create a secure grounds to use as you see fit.

Forestry – Public and private owners of forested land around Crawley, Brighton, East Grinstead, Epsom, Gatwick, Horsham and Reigate, often use MV Haulage’s land engineering team to incorporate tracks, hardstandings and flood defences, and ensure that land is safe to traverse.

Golf Courses – Our team can help shape and construct course development or re-development, incorporating landscaping, noise attenuation or screening bunds. We are always happy to work alongside stakeholders and with other relevant specialists involved in the project – e.g tree surgeons and landscapers.

Industrial – The land reclamation expertise offered by MV Haulage can restore hazardous brownfield land to a usable state. We are also able to fill in and cap landfill site in-line with all relevant legislation.

Leisure – Likewise, the construction of landscaping, noise attenuation and screening bunds, and the shaping of outdoor environments can be of use to clients in the leisure industry – for example, modifying land so outdoor play parks or tennis courts can be developed.

Residential – Private gardens can also benefit from our land engineering expertise. Many residents of Crawley, Brighton, East Grinstead, Epsom, Gatwick, Horsham and Reigate call us in having purchased a new property with long neglected outdoor land attached. We work to realise their vision and create something suited to their taste and practical requirements.

Sports – Land engineering techniques can be employed to develop football and rugby fields, or spaces for other sporting uses. Common clients in this area might be schools and local councils around Crawley, Brighton, East Grinstead, Epsom, Gatwick, Horsham and Reigate, though private individuals with sports fields on their property aren’t totally unheard of.

Equestrian – Clients looking to re-design, develop or construct land for use as a paddock or polo pitch should contact the MV Haulage team. This might involve the implementation of landscaping, noise attenuation or screening bunds, and may be part of a wider land reclamation project. We also have a lot of experience in the construction of sand schools.

Keep in mind these sample project types are far from exhaustive, and we’re always willing to hear from prospective clients across all sectors and industries.

Discuss your project with our land engineering and restoration team by calling our Crawley office on 01342 844 553.