A full range of services including aggregate supply & muck away in Reigate | MV Haulage

Over the years, MV Haulage has gradually expanded the range of services it offers the Reigate area. So we often find ourselves coming back to update our service overviews, so that you can see at a glance what it is we do, and how everything interrelates. More detailed information can be found across our website. This includes details on: muck away, tipper hire, sweeper hire, land reclamation and land engineering (our services). Likewise, the products we provide as Reigate’s premier aggregate suppliers and top soil suppliers.

Have a question for our team, or want to get a distinctly competitive quote on any of the services listed here? Pick up the phone and call our office on 01342 844 553.

A brief service overview…

Muck away – MV Haulage are waste management specialists with green values. Our muck away service sees us visit a Reigate site and quickly, methodically rid it of all unwanted waste. We use powerful equipment and a trained team of professionals to ensure waste is removed safely, without damage to the site itself. Outsourcing muck away provides a litany of benefits:

  • A cleaner, more professional finish
  • Waste is environmentally disposed of
  • Safeguard your team
  • Reduce labour costs
  • Dodge plant hire costs

Tipper hire – Need a powerful tipper to help make short work of a project you’re undertaking in Reigate? We have a fleet of vehicles more than up to the task, carefully maintained year round to ensure optimal performance. Our rates are highly competitive, and our terms flexible – ensuring you can get value for money when next requiring tipper hire in Reigate.

Sweeper hire – All the aforementioned benefits apply to our sweeper hire service, which helps you carry out your own muck away to a high standard. As well as helping clear up a site, they can be used to clean premises like car parks around Reigate, as well as private roads, long sections of pathing and hardstandings, etc. Call us to discuss your requirements, and we’ll be able to advise you on the right bit of kit for the job.

Aggregate supply – MV Haulage serves as the Reigate area’s local aggregate suppliers and topsoil suppliers. Our aggregates are recycled products which are carefully separated from the waste collected by our muck away team. They are then sorted based on their quality and their suitability for particular end uses. This means Reigate clients choosing us as their aggregate suppliers can find the right aggregate for a particular building’s foundations, for example. Then we will deliver the aggregates to your site, and unload it safely with our vehicles’ pneumatic arms.

Topsoil supply – If you’re a landscaper, commercial developer or a green-thumbed residential client in the Reigate area, you may find yourself in need of quality top soil to develop an outdoor environment. As topsoil suppliers, we can ensure you get a product that is sufficiently rich in minerals and nutrients, or a cheap and cheerful blend to be used as fill.

Land reclamation – Our team now also take on land reclamation projects. This sees us transform unused or long-neglected brownfield sites – and similar areas – into developable land. Following an in-depth consultation and site appraisal, we’ll identify the hurdles that need to be overcome, ensuring a combination of cultivation, drainage, irrigation, modification and re-vegetation can make land suited to whatever project it is you have in mind.

Land engineering – While land reclamation refers to the radical transformation of spaces around Reigate which are currently unsuitable for development, land engineering refers to all other aspects of shaping an environment to an end use. It might involve flattening a hilly area so it can be surfaced, or removing and replacing unsound sub-stratums. It’s a bespoke service, which ensures a given space of land is prepared for further development, or in the case of projects like the creation of a series of sports fields – are simply ready for use off the bat.

To learn more about the services we provide the Reigate area, from muck away and tipper hire, to land engineering and land reclamation, call 01342 844 553.